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We believe in a future where scientists and doctors are lifted up to the same level as professional athletes. Where young researchers dream of the day they get drafted to work for their favorite Pharma/Biotech. Where rare disease organizations can draft their research dream-team. Where our society celebrates treatments and cures the way we celebrate trophies and championships. And where millions of new dollars become available to the most promising young researchers to pursue their passion for rare disease research, ultimately accelerating our ability to develop breakthrough treatments and cures for those who need it most.


Who Are We?

We are Uplifting Athletes, a non-profit using the power of sport to lift up the researchers using the power of science to lift up the patients who need us more than ever.

Professional sports around the world enjoy the greatest, most powerful marketing platform of any organization in history. We are seeking to leverage that platform to raise awareness about rare diseases, elevate the researchers who seek to understand, treat, and cure rare diseases, and empower athletes to get involved in driving engagement and support the rare disease community.



In order to make that future a reality, we're attempting a moonshot effort to transform the way our society views, funds, and engages with rare disease research. But we need your help to make it happen.


Why Rare?

Rare diseases transcend gender, race, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, and your team allegiance. In fact, they are so prevalent that 1/10 people in the world are affected by rare diseases, that's more than cancer and AIDS combined. However, due to the complexity and variety of rare diseases, there's comparatively very little support for rare disease research as compared to common indications like heart disease and diabetes.

Because of the unique nature of each rare disease patient, some of the most important scientific advancements and breakthroughs in personalized medicine are happening in the rare disease research community. That's why the treatments and cures we discover for rare will become the foundation for the future of medicine for all.


Athletes. Researchers. Patients.

You might not think that athletes, researchers, and rare disease patients have anything in common. But that could't be further from the truth. From the insurmountable odds they face and the unending perseverance they need to overcome them, to their ability to break barriers that would crush others and the relentless passion that drives them past innumerable obstacles - the lives of athletes, researchers, and rare disease patients couldn't be more intertwined. That is the core foundation on which we're building the story of our #WeTackleRare campaign designed to transform the way our society views, engages with, and supports research.

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